Dominic Della Maggiora

Dominic is Founder and CEO of Fidato Corporation. Previously, Dominic Della Maggiora was Co-Founder and President of Quatrotec, Inc. where he remained until Quatrotec was sold to Alien Technology. Mr. Della Maggiora held the position of Vice President at Cabellon prior to founding Quatrotec. In this capacity he was assigned to the SFO project where as Senior Partner he held the position of Special Systems Project Manager for the AIP/TSA funded, 100% Explosive Detection of Checked Baggage at the San Francisco International airport. He was also the Special Systems Project Manager for the new construction of the International Common Use Terminal at SFO, including the $147 million dollar Security and Special Systems (SS) portion for the $2.5B Master Plan Project. Mr. Della Maggiora was instrumental in assembling the project team and developing the design criteria, specifications and construction documents that met the requirements and timelines of the Aviation and Transportation Security Act.

Mr. Della Maggiora has developed and engineered systems for: CCTV, Access Control Systems, Intrusion Detection Systems, Employee Background Screening and Badging Systems, Explosive Detection Systems, Checked Baggage Inspection Systems (CBIS), 911Communications Center, Security Operations and Dispatch Centers in both airports and corporations. Many of his system designs have been duplicated at airports around the world.

Prior to his involvement at SFO, Mr. Della Maggiora worked for 10 years at Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space in an executive capacity overseeing the development, integration and implementation of innovative communications, security, and life safety systems.